Teacup-sized and Merle dogs

We don't have teacup-sized or Merle dogs.

There is no such thing as a teacup Chihuahuas. Teacup is a term only used by backyard breeders and puppy mills.

All Chihuahuas bred to their breed standards are under 6.5lbs. Most breeders prefer to breed between 4lbs and 6.5lbs.

Most of the time, the small Chihuahuas (under 4lbs) are at a greater risk of having health defects due to their size. Also, small Chihuahuas are at a much higher risk of hypoglycemia and dental problems. They are also fragile, and can be hurt much more easily. The small Chihuahuas itself might appear healthy as a pup, but might have problems later on, and possibly a shorter lifespan.

Occasionally, a reputable breeder may have a puppy that is smaller than 4lbs, which is rare. However, when a reputable breeder has one of these smaller puppies, they are usually healthy. These tiny Chihuahuas need special homes and are not suitable for homes with small children.

The opposite can also happen. Occasionally a breeder may get a Chihuahuas puppy that will grow to be over 6.5lbs. That puppy may not be a show dog but will make a great companion and a wonderful family pet.

Merle Chihuahuas and their puppies cannot be registered as purebred with the Canadian Kennel Club, without any exceptions. The Merle gene does not occur in Chihuahuas, and is the result of breeding Chihuahuas with another breed of dog.

There are also many health risks to have Merle dogs. The merle gene acts on a color and lightens and whitens certain parts of it. The whitening is what causes defects. Often, when a dog's coat is whitened, the pigment inside of their ear and on their eye, also whitens...making the dog deaf and blind as the nerves endings atrophy and die. Unfortunately, backyard breeders tend to ignore this fact to produce more puppies, just to sell as a designer dog.