Hypoglycemia is a blood sugar disorder that often affects toy breed dogs like Chihuahuas. Mostly young puppies suffer from this when there are extremely low sugar levels in their blood. As a result the puppy's brain becomes empty of essential needed nutrients. The effects of hypoglycemia could be fatal if not treated immediately. In some cases low blood sugar can also cause coma in puppies when the sugar is not properly replenished.

Even healthy Chihuahua puppies can develop this problem but this is not very often. Absence of fat in their body, which they could have used for energy, might cause hypoglycemia as well. Inadequate sugar produced by the liver, that could have been used as energy, is also one of the factors for hypoglycemia. Usually if a completely healthy puppy develops hypoglycemia it is due to lack of proper food and diet. They need to be fed often. Be sure to have them on an excellent puppy food.

Some Chihuahuas suffer from stress due to the change of their home or if traveling. Most Chihuahua puppies are very playful that they use all their energy quickly. Missing meals quite often may cause hypoglycemia in Chihuahuas. If you have your puppy shipped be sure to have Honey, Karo Syrup, or Nutrical on hand to administer . Often when going to their new home they do no eat right away. Giving one of those Syrups will help them to have the right amount of sugar in their blood. It will help keep them lively and not tire easily.

Several symptoms may indicate that the puppies actually suffer from hypoglycemia. These include excessive sleeping, depression, weakness, staggering, seizures, restlessness, disoriented looks and glassy eyes. Chihuahuas might get brain damage if hypoglycemia is not treated as a medical emergency.

Chihuahua puppies 5 to 16 weeks of age are most susceptible to Hypoglycemia. When they are first weaned from their mothers. They can become weak if they are not getting enough food and their energy can be weakened. They need to be watched when eating to make sure each puppy is eating and getting sufficient intake of vitamins and nutrients. If the puppy becomes unconscious due to hypoglycemia, give them Nutrical , Karo Syrup, Honey , or Nutristat. Just put some on your finger and put some in their mouth gently. This will often help them regain consciousness. If the puppy continues to have attacks of hypoglycemia, then a vet should be called right away.