We are very happy with our puppy. Oksana is very helpful and responsible breeder, she provided all necessary information, tips and pictures of our new family member. Our puppy was shipped to Toronto, and Oksana was very accommodating; she helped us with all our shipment needs, which I’m very grateful for!!! We named our puppy Ozzy, he is very healthy, playful and energetic dog. He is very friendly, as we have a cat, he loves to play with cat and make new friends. We are very grateful for our beautiful puppy and all help and work Oksana did. Thank you so much for everything!
Toronto, ON, Anzhelika P.

Our experience with Tiny Angels has been amazing! From the first day I contacted Oksana, it was obvious that she was a caring and devoted breeder of these beautiful dogs. Upon our trip from out of town to pick up our precious boy, we were welcomed into their home and provided with a very professional and nurturing meeting, her love for her dogs and puppies was very apparent. We couldn't be happier with our little Wilson, he's the sweetest little boy with such a fun personality! As an adult I’ve had 4 dogs, Wilson is by far the best dog I’ve ever had! My others were amazing too, but Wilson’s demeanour and personality are so lovely! Tiny Angels obviously got a great blood line with your dogs! He is super smart, very obedient, doesn’t bark, LOVE my kids!!! We are just so insanely in love with him. I literally love him like he’s my baby, we all do! Wilson loves kids and dogs and walks and my favourite one is he picks up a new stick each walk and brings it home to show everyone! We love him to bits, and perhaps one day we can add another Tiny Angels brother or sister for him!
Calgary, AB, Kirk & Stacey S. and kids

I just want to say thank you for the privilege of owning one of your babies. Maria is a delight to live with, she is a happy well-adjusted puppy. She has settled in wonderfully and has made herself right at home. You have done a great job of raising happy, healthy and sound Chihuahuas. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering adding Chihuahua to their family. Again thank you for My Maria.
Airdrie, AB, Cristal C.

Briant lives in St.John, BC. Nadine S.

Yes the name I chose for her was Lexi! She is very smart clean and playful with everybody that comes around her! She is very hyper and loves to run around and play! It did not take long to train Lexi because she is naturally smart and come from a healthy litter. She doesn't mind getting her nails clipped, she lets me clean her ears without a fuss and she loves getting her gums and teeth rubbed! She knows how to give high fives and when music plays I'll say "let's dance" and she will jump from side to side! She is almost never left alone, because I take her with me wherever I go she loves car rides! She has tons of clothes and outfits already! She knows when she puts a sweater on its time to go outside or for a car ride somewhere! She is very spoiled and loved in our household and I'm very grateful and lucky to have found Oksana's Tiny Angels.  Thank you very much for the questions answered and for breeding my beautiful Lexi Lynn.
Fort McMurray, AB, Trisha T.

Our Benicio is a very smart and playful puppy. Edmonton, AB, Phong T.

As soon as I saw Oksana's ad for a long haired, apple head Chihuahua I knew I had to have her. As soon as I saw her beautiful red coat and big brown eyes I was in love! Oksana and her family were very welcoming when we can to see the puppies. They were also very professional. It was obvious that they were very knowledgeable about Chihuahua puppies and that the puppies were looked after very well. All of our questions were answered and all paper work and documentation to purchase the pure bread Chihuahua was done effectively and professionally. My family loves Mayla very much, she is an excellent dog and is from a very good blood line. She is very loyal, playful and affectionate. She loves my 3 and 5 year old and they love her. We are very fortunately to have her in our family and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another dog from Oksana in the future. 
Edmonton, AB, Trina G.

My family purchased a male puppy from Oksana in February of 2017. We have named him Dewey and he is a wonderful addition to our family. He is a very sweet little boy, and unlike many other Chihuahuas, I can honestly say that he hasn't chosen his "favourite person" in our family-he truly loves us all equally. He is extremely energetic and he loves to be outside exploring and walking. He is very intelligent and we have already trained him to walk off-leash and to heel to voice commands. He also loves to cuddle and he also adores car rides! He is the best little boy and we are so glad he is ours!
Picture Butte, AB, Lisa D.

My dog is going really well. She loves our home. She’s a true blessing to our family. Thanks again for letting us adopt her.
Edmonton, AB, Nicol B.

Stella lives in Hughenden, AB. We love her so much. Marsha P.

Destiny lives in a professional kennel in Lethbridge, AB, Julia C.

This is my Max. He is the best dog ever! I love him so much.
Edmonton, AB, Cheyanne B.